Love Struck - Apple, Pineapple, Orange, and Passion Fruit

Pink Lemonade

Blue Corn - Cornflakes w/ Blueberries

Red Corn - Cornflakes w/ Strawberries

Tropicolada - Pina Colada w/ Mango

Minotaur - Peanut Butter Cookie

Hades - Dark Roast Coffee w/ a touch of Cream

Athena - Green Apple Candy

Artemas - Berry Cobbler

Colossus - Vanilla Custard

Gryphon - Blueberry Danish

Phoenix - Fresh Strawberry

Poseidon - Fruity Melon

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Sex on the Beach

Fubar - Cinnamon Sugar Cereal

Gwen - Banana Pudding w/ Graham Waffers

Purple - Grape Soda/Grape Popsicle

​JFBG - Juicy Fruit Gum

Co-Star - Coconut Cream

Pecan Caramel Custard

Blackberry Lime Slushie

RITUAL - Ritual - Complex Candy Flavor w/ Sour & Sweet Undertones

RITUAL - Catrina - Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream

RITUAL - Vivo - Strawberry & Lemon Lime

RITUAL - Saints - Sweet & Vivid Strawberry Candy

RITUAL - Marea - Sweet Blueberries & Raspberries

RITUAL - Diosa - Lemon Candy

What's New?  Here's a list of our latest flavors!

Flavors added on this page include "POP Section" Flavors that usually don't make any of the description pages.  We will try to put descriptions on here for those flavors so that you have an idea of their profile.  The POP list is up to about 100 flavors now!  They are Nationally Popular, but are also so named because they pop in and out of stock at the distribution level.

Latest Additions

Latest additions