A growing selection of RDA's, RBA's, RTA's, and Mech Mods will grow as this customer base grows.  We also have cotton, tools, and ohm meters.

Located Inside of Vaper Basics

Wire, wire, and more wire. We have Kanthal, Nickel, NiChrome, Stainless Steel, Clapton and a small selection of pre-wrapped coils

Mystery Box Mods and the HexOhm brand both are made in the U.S., and have a lifetime warranty.  More models will be available as demand increases, maybe even some limited editions. We are hoping to have some custom SmartPWM Mystery Boxes before Christmas. They are custom, so the design on these boxes will only be available here at Vaper Basics

Now in Stock!

The Mystery Box Smart-PWM!

The Start of a New Phase of our ever growing Vaper Basics Shop, Blowing Vapor - More than the Basics, is sort of the opposite of Vaper Basics in regard to keeping vaping simple.  While nothing about vaping is exactly simple, Blowing Vapor caters more to people who consume higher volumes of liquid, may prefer to rebuild, and never have enough battery capacity. We hope to tap in to more of this group of people, but we will always strive to help those who simply do not want to smoke any longer.

Mystery Box, Mystery Box Smart-PWM, HexOhm v.3 the Noisy Cricket ii-25 and More!

Available in 30 ml to 200 ml bottles. Most of these flavors are currently only available in 3 and/or 6 mg nic.  The list is always changing, and what is here today, may not be here tomorrow.  The company we are getting these from have had a fluctuating inventory as well, and it has definitely impacted our restocking efforts.  If by chance a certain flavor is not available, we will almost always pick up a new flavor to fill that spot.